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First off.

CO2 is not a waste product, as many of us has been led to
believe, it is infact one of our most important
parahormone to perform many tasks on its way from the
mitochondria, where it is produced through the
bloodstream from the lungs, since we can raise and lower
CO2 with simple breathing, we can reach a whole new
level of understanding. Just like excersicing your muscles
using weights or excercising your cardiovascular system
when running you should excercise your lungs and
circulatory system using breathcontrol/breathing excercises.
Many breathing technique are pure CRAP, and do nothing except, maybe? relax you? But is it really the breathing that does all this?
Or is it just that you focus on a task at hand, You can choose 10 different random ways of breathing imposed to us by different teachers in Yogic practitions,
and they all do the same, relax you and focuses your energy crap.
In my opinion thats a waste of breath if you want something else then a quick relax session.
There are breathing methods that do work!
And with all the great studies at hand, and the knowledge of CO2 as a parahormone and promoter of many different wonderful things, we can begin to explore the world of  REAL BREATHING.
Thanks: Gettyimage and Jonathan Nackstrand for the image
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