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The scientific name for this technique is, Cyclic Isometric muscle contraction and apnea, Lets call it CIMCA,
This is how you do it!
I. Sit or stand, whatever suits you, No need for lotus
position or some strange yoga snake twisting.
II. Keep your eyes closed, or open, it doesn’t really matter
as long as you stay focused.
III. Try to visualize a flame or the sun or something that you
can relate to, not to abstract, just make it vivid and clear,
DO NOT SKIP THIS, studies has been done, and this
is important to maintaining your heat, and also
determines how much heat you can build up before you
IV. Breath through your nose, slow full breath, for a couple
of minutes. This is important because the nose warms
the air before entering your lungs, and during this you
have time to get comfortable and to stop wandering
thoughts.(it just makes things easier if your are fully focused)
V. Finding your tummy squeeze. Exhale fully, put your
hand on your mouth and nose to seal em shut! Inhale,
hard(without being able to) feel the muscles in your
tummy tensing? This is your tummy squeeze
VI. Find youre pelvic squeeze. This is the muscles women
use to do kegels, its also the muscles used to stop the
urine in the middle of a stream. Find it. Squeeze it. Pull
it upwards hard. GOOD!
VII. Exhale fully, inhale fully, hold your breath and squeeze.
Pulling both pelvic and tummy muscles.
VIII. Hold this as long as you can without passing out.
IX. Exhale
X. Repeat, inhale, HOLD and SQUEEZE, and then exhale.
The warmth comes when the body starts to build up a lot of
CO2 and O2 starvation sets in. At the first reflex to breath
during the hold, just hold it a little longer, this is when the
warmth comes, usually it comes somewhere between 30-60
seconds of the hold, depending on your CO2 tolerance.
Common errors:  pressure in the head or neck, try tilting
your head forward touching your chest with your chin and
swallow. If this doesn’t work try easing of on the stomach
pressure a bit until the pressure drops. Sometimes it takes a
bit of practice to get it right, but with practice comes perfect
scientific study: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0058244
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