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# The Ice is melting

You can’t do anything about it, your season is over, a whole 8-10 months of wait until the next season starts.  The dreaded summer approaches.

Many among us northerners have not completly accepted the fact that Summer is Coming, SUMMER IS COMING! aaah, it sounds like a medivel fantasty series doesn’t it?


# The main problem

The main problem we have with summer, is warmth, and that we can’t get any more Undressed. We walk around naked all winter, we swim in ice water, we drink ice water, we breath -30 air. We Sleep naked in cold badly insulated houses.

And now Warmth comes, TURN ON THE AC. OMG we are burning up!


CALM DOWN ALL, it’s just fiction, Infact, Being cold adapted and training with cold as your weapon, makes you more ready for the warmth then anything. Cold climate, and ice swimming traines your cardio vascular system in such a way that it reacts much quicker to temperature changes and provides us with a much more effective thermostat(vagus).


Therefore next time when you see a fair skinned heathen dripping of sweat, you know its just pure efficiancy shining trough it’s see through skin,



And as for Curing Post Winter Anxiety, We just have to be grateful that we live in such a beautiful place of the world, with such a multi faceted climate.

And ICE BATHS, you can still do them all summer =) just not in the lake.

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