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The Spectrum of Breathing:

Normal Breathing: 15-25 breaths/min – no special benefits

Meditation / Deep Relaxation: 10-15 breaths/min – calming, nice, good feelings.

Autonomic Regulation: 5-6 breaths/min (no pause). Increases vagal tone (social engagement) which includes physiological, psychological and emotional results. The Vagus Nerve is called the Compassion Nerve because when it is strong we are happy, compassionate and socially engaged human beings. It also stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, better digestion, lower inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, just to name a few effects of a strong vagus nerve. Using breathing to strengthen the vagus nerve is also called Resonant, Coherent or HRV Breathing.

Metabolic Regulation: 2-3 breaths/min (with pause after exhalation). Increasing CO2 (mild hypercapnia) to access all the protective effects of CO2: vasodilation, lactate removal, pH-buffering, oxygen uptake, antioxidant, lower inflammation gene expression, to name a few.

Cyclic hyperventilation and retention: 20-30 breaths/min followed by empty lung breath retention.Iimmediate and profound decrease of pCO2 and bicarbonate, and an increase in pH (reaching up to 7.75), indicating acute respiratory alkalosis, which normalized quickly after cessation of the breathing techniques. A significant decrease in oxygen saturation(50%). Increased epinephrine levels, increase in lymphocytes.the effects on epinephrine are likely a consequence of both the hyperventilation phase and hypoxia due to breath retention, as both have been demonstrated to increase epinephrine levels. The hyperventilation-induced increase in epinephrine was shown to be dependent on decreased levels of bicarbonate, as hyperventilation combined with bicarbonate infusion (resulting in hypocapnia and alkalosis, but normal bicarbonate levels) nullified epinephrine increase.




Alongside with the CIMCA breathing method: http://addicted2cold.com/2017/02/07/cimca/





With courtesy recoverybreathing com

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