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Cold for weight loss, no its not a get rich quick scheme scam, this is true and here is the science behind it!
The temperature of ice cold water is about 0-1C, Weight loss is damn simple and just follows 1 rule,
Lets call it the cardinal rules of weight loss, kcal in/kcal out.
That means, as long as you run more then you eat you are going to stay slim’pickins.
But we all love sweets and bacon right. You don’t have to skip these, and since we are on the subject of cold we are going to stick with cold.
The body temp is about 37C And the body tries to stay at that temperature at all costs.
So if you take a dip in the cold water or drink a glass of cold water, the body is going be put to work.
Producing that glorious heat we all love.
It takes 1 kcal to raise 1L of water 1 degree Celsius.
So in the case of a 0.5 liters glass of ice water, your body
must raise from zero to 37 degrees C. In doing so, your body
burns 18,5 kcal. So if you eat 2000 kcal’s a day 18,5 isn’t a
whole lot.
But lets rethink that, if we instead drink 2 liters of water
every day,(recommended dose of water)
That translates to 74 kcal every day, which quickly becomes 740 kcal’s in 10 days.
The numbers start to add up, if you drink directly from the tap on the coldest setting the water is going to be between 7-10 degrees C.
Which isn’t bad either, but if you add ice you get that extra boost.
Now drinking cold water has more benefits then being a caloric burner, its also improves your tolerance to cold, and
decreases the time to get acclimatized to the cold.
Now lets step it up a notch. Cold swims, dips and baths are incredible fat burners, and BAT is the key.
Brown Adipose Tissue aka BAT
The marvelous thing about it is that it uses WHITE FAT(WAT) as fuel to heat you up http://addicted2cold.com/2017/02/09/brown-fatbat-the-secret-viking-weapon-against-cold/
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