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Quick Start guide: Cold adaptation

This guide is an easy starters guide, just to get you in the cold, When you have progressed, and during this process, your curiosity for the cold might awaken and need som extra reading. Then just head back to The Nr1 Cold source in the world  for some extra reading.

If you have any questions, just comment or send an email and we will respond. PROMISE =)

You can read this article if you are into the science (BAT) before starting,

So i guess you already know why you want to be cold adapted? The benefits of the cold? Well then, lets get down to the Quick start guide:

  • COLD SWIMS: Daily Cold increases the volume active Brown fat, it also makes your brown fat more efficient
  • EXERCISE: Increases brown fat metabolism
  • EAT OMEGA-3 EVERY DAY: Enables brown fat for regulation heat


Daily cold swims, start with 1 minute. increase with 30 seconds every day until you reach 10 minutes. Just take it easy. If you want to do longer swims after you have reached 10mins, Do 6+6min instead with a couple of hours rest in between. Eat your daily Omega-3.

Note: In lack of ability to cold swim, Cold shower can be used as substitute. Take every chance you can to expose yourself to the elements(aka cold exposure).


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