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The problem with Yogic breathing!

Where do all these breathing techniques originate from?

Almost all breathing techniques can be found in Early recordings of yogic texts(pranayama).

Yogic traditions involve MANY different kinds of breathings, i am not talking about 3-4 types, i mean, hundreds of types of breathing. Yeah good luck learning them all and they are

all named something cryptic we cant understand anyways. Does that make the Yogis right? When we finaly discover that CHAR and/or CICMA(scientific names) make profound difference to our lives?  NO!

Recent studies  show only a handful to really contain something worth doing research on.


So the big QUESTION is: If you are wrong 99 times, and right 1 time? Does that make you right?

Check out this: http://www.addicted2cold.com/2017/c-h-a-r-breathing-the-breath-that-cures/

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