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Author: Jim

The Coolest Swim Cap in the WORLD!

Now avalible! This is a MUST if you are a serious Ice water enthusiast, Not only is it the most SEXY swim cap in the world, it also grants you eternal life and protection from all evil! How to purchase: paypal: price: 9 EURO(unregged shipping) Send email to: with name and...

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Swimming with shivers

(THE BOOK) Yup, This is what we need,  we are ice swimmers, we are a rare breed. We are Vikings. Awesome project bringing the stories of many ice swimmers together in a book about one of lifes great gifts, the COLD. Swimming in cold water is a journey, and every swim is a different experience, and we all have our own reasons for swimming.   Swimming with shivers is a wonderful collection of outdoor swimmers’ true stories of experiences in cold water, ice and winter swimming conditions. Supported with personal photographs, they explain in their own words why they...

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Curing Post Winter Anxiety

# The Ice is melting You can’t do anything about it, your season is over, a whole 8-10 months of wait until the next season starts.  The dreaded summer approaches. Many among us northerners have not completly accepted the fact that Summer is Coming, SUMMER IS COMING! aaah, it sounds like a medivel fantasty series doesn’t it?   # The main problem The main problem we have with summer, is warmth, and that we can’t get any more Undressed. We walk around naked all winter, we swim in ice water, we drink ice water, we breath -30 air. We...

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The Best Music for Every Kind of Ice Bath

Ok first, Ice bathing is NOT about listening to music, Really, just skip the music, You will not have the time or the focus anyway to do anything remotely close to listening to music. But since you are here to find out what you should be listening too. Whether you favor pop, rock, classical or hip-hop, the right music can make all the difference when powering through an ice bath. Therefore you need to reprogram yourself to REAL music. We have compiled a couple of playlists for you to enjoy when taking your icebath. Since hardening has been a...

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Congratulations Ice Mile swimmer Sinne

On the 23 of March 2017, the Danish Viking Sinne L completed the Ice Mile. The Ice mile means, Swim a minimum of 1 mile in ICE COLD water   The swim was completed in 41:44 minutes and the distance was 1mile, water temp was “ICE COLD” or 4C   The world can only wait to see what this Danish ice viking’s next adventure could be.   We at addicted2cold salute...

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