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Author: Jim

Can you increase the amount of brown fat?

Can you increase the amount of brown fat? well, this is a hard subject, we do not have the definitive answer to this. But in short the Answer is NO. NO: You can not build new brown fat.   So what can you really do? The cold is known to increase brown fat activtity and Cold induced thermogenesis, but not neccesary increase the amount of brown fat.   But please relax dudes, ICE swimming is GOOD. and it builds Brown fat, but it just doesnt build it by increasing the amount.   The Iceman (subject A) and his brother...

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Antarctica 2020 swim: Bucket list anyone?

Have you ever thought about swimming in the Antarctic? In an open letter on social media, Ger Kennedy announced that he has organized an Antarctica 2020 swim. Sound warm and cozy right? The The warmest sea temperature in Antarctica today is 0°C / 32°F, it is just Pure polar Ice melt heaven.   Kennedy explains the travel plans, “We will assemble a group of international winter and ice swimmers and then will depart for Ushuaia, a resort town in Argentina located on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, the southernmost tip of South America and nicknamed the End of the...

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