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Author: Jim

Brown fat(BAT) the secret Viking weapon against cold

Adults have very little brown fat, babies on the other hand have no other way of producing heat then to use their BAT. The issue here is, How do humans Grow more brown fat? This issue is being studied as we speak, since brown fat isn’t something that we  have a lot of. Studies has even shown that people who are “cold adapted” (talking about ice swimmers here) only have small amounts of brown fat, and not always more then NON cold adapted individuals. So what is the deal with brown fat? Can we increase it? Use it better?...

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Different types of breathing

The Spectrum of Breathing: Normal Breathing: 15-25 breaths/min – no special benefits Meditation / Deep Relaxation: 10-15 breaths/min – calming, nice, good feelings. Autonomic Regulation: 5-6 breaths/min (no pause). Increases vagal tone (social engagement) which includes physiological, psychological and emotional results. The Vagus Nerve is called the Compassion Nerve because when it is strong we are happy, compassionate and socially engaged human beings. It also stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, better digestion, lower inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, just to name a few effects of a strong vagus nerve. Using breathing to strengthen the vagus nerve is also called...

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Breathing techniques, Crap or Not?

First off. CO2 is not a waste product, as many of us has been led to believe, it is infact one of our most important parahormone to perform many tasks on its way from the mitochondria, where it is produced through the bloodstream from the lungs, since we can raise and lower CO2 with simple breathing, we can reach a whole new level of understanding. Just like excersicing your muscles using weights or excercising your cardiovascular system when running you should excercise your lungs and circulatory system using breathcontrol/breathing excercises. Many breathing technique are pure CRAP, and do nothing...

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